A Better Environment for Business

  • July 2019

    Bridge House Advisors would like to welcome the following new employees to our firm: 

    Molly Smith

    Molly Smith joined our team on July 8. Molly is part of the Investor Solutions group and is an ESG specialist. 

    Lisa Kotora

    Lisa Kotora joined our team on July 8.  Lisa is part of the Investor Solutions group. 

    Alexandra Ide

    Alexandra Ide joined our team on July 15. Alexandra is a part of the Real Estate Services group.

  • August 2019

    Come visit us at our new Corporate Headquarters in Chicago

    125 S Clark Street 17th Floor Chicago, IL 60603
  • August 2019

    Celebrating our 100th Client!

    Bridge House Advisors

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring over a century of combined professional experience to our valued clients, listen to and understand their needs, shape and deploy tailored solutions, deliver process innovations enabled by information technology, and demonstrate responsiveness, quality, and flexibility on every project. 

 Our Market Segments

Bridge House Advisors assists investors, lenders, industrial, real estate, and legal clients in objectively evaluating liabilities and unlocking opportunities associated with environmental and sustainability considerations. As a full-service professional services firm, Bridge House Advisors understands how to identify and effectively frame complex issues within the appropriate business context.

If you are a Corporation or Portfolio Company, please visit our Corporate Solutions page.

Corporate Solutions

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Lender Solutions

If you are a Private Equity firm or M&A Attorney, please visit our Investor Solutions page.

Investor Solutions

If you are a REIT or Real Estate Investor, please visit our Real Estate Solutions page.

Real Estate Solutions