Together, We Got This
Our Response to the Global Pandemic

Bridge House Advisors would like to wish all our clients good health and good luck as we all collectively navigate the global pandemic over the coming weeks. Like all of you and your professional colleagues, we have been busy trying to anticipate and better understand the near-term and long-term impacts to our business. Our focus is two-fold: on our employees and on the clients that we serve.

Our Employees

Bridge House is in its 3rd year as a purposely built virtual company. While we don't necessarily consider ourselves experts, we have learned quite a bit in terms of what it takes to successfully manage and engage a remote workforce. Here are some tactics we have found to be beneficial:

  • Proactively create opportunities to connect – virtual happy hours, bi-weekly scheduled chats between employees who may no longer cross paths in the office, and encourage the use of the built-in video camera;
  • Utilize communication tools (e.g., Skype / Teams / Slack) to signal your current status – we don’t care that you need to run an errand or walk the dog in the middle of the afternoon, we simply want to know if you are available and any instructions on how we can contact you if you have stepped away from your desk; and
  • There will no longer be a clear boundary between work and personal time. Remember to be kind to yourself. Take breaks.

    You are welcome to speak with our Human Capital lead, Marianne Steimle, if you would like any additional tips!

Our Clients

When the markets eventually emerge from the restrictions imposed due to the global pandemic, Bridge House anticipates that travel, site visits, and access to investment targets and portfolio companies will still be a challenge. As as result, we have incorporated alternative approaches into our service lines that increase flexibility and help manage ongoing challenges:

  • We are enhancing our remote environmental due diligence (EDD) process, including the use of information technology, to limit the need for physical site inspections;
  • Our Corporate Solutions team is up-to-date with the latest changes to the regulatory landscape and can assist with the challenges companies may be facing from shutdown orders; and
  • We have modified our ESG program development approach such that direct interactions with portfolio companies can be postponed until the short-term health and business implications of this crisis are better understood.

    If you would like any additional details on our revised approaches, please contact Rachel Roszina.